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Excessive Deer Population....Slippery White/Yellow Lines..................... Slippery Tar Snakes.........................Truck Tire Carcasses.........

This project is temporary on hold due to lack of volunteers and apparent lack of interest from the riding community?


For years I became disgusted riding across our great country at the unnecessary unsafe conditions of our nation's highways. Worse yet, no one seemed to be working to improve the hazards. Our major national motorcycle organization politely declined to take on this task as well as a national brand organization--that touts their concern for safey.

I came to the realization that riders have the expertise and could band together and resolve many of the issues. That is the purpose of this web site and request for volunteers.

Currently the Motorcycle Safety Foundation is considering support for this effort.

Current MC safety focuses on three major areas:

Improving the riders skills (MSF courses)
Improving the motorcycle (ABS breaking, tires etc.)
Improving the rider protection (Clothing, helmets, gloves)

Totally missing from the above list is improving the riding environment. The root causes of many accidents are:

Dangerously Slippery:
- white/yellow road marking lines
- tar snakes
- railroad crossings
- toll gates
- sewer covers

" Truck tire carcasses on the roadway
" Repaving techniques - asphalt scraping and edge traps
" Unsecured and poorly secured loads on cars and trucks
" Highway dividers using wire rope
" Excessive deer population

Highway characteristics which are deadly to motorcyclists have gotten worse instead of improving. There is no excuse for our unsafe highways as each hazard can be practically and economically improved. It would appear that no one is watching our backs. Recommendations have gone unheeded by local, state and federal agencies.

This web site is designed to take an aggressive approach at fixing these unsafe issues, currently scheduled to kick-off in February 2009.

According to Europe's "Motorcycle Accidents In-Depth Study" (MAIDS) indicate that many motorcycle accidents are the result of the highway infrastructure.

The proposed approach to improve these unsafe conditions are:

-Obtain testimonials from injured riders
-Scientifically obtain objective evidence of slippery tar snakes and lines
-Obtain damage cost data from insurance companies
-Research and propose practical and cost effective solutions
-Present the above information and solutions to Federal, State and Local highway agencies
-Work with agencies, interested groups, govenrment officials, voters, etc. to CAUSE change!

To accomplish these tasks, we need a large group of volunteers. We are communicating with motorcycle clubs, dealers and riders across the country in a request for volunteers. If you would like to participate and have a few extra hours per week to donate, please click on "Volunteers".

To find out more information about specific hazards , please click on "Hazards".

If you would like to assist in this important effort, please see the specific needs and sign up on our sign-up page.

Who is Larry Cardo?

Thank you.

Larry Cardo
Mentor, OH